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'n Groot jetty in die Karoo

Liewe Karel en Heleen!

Voorwaar 'n afspraak met God...dankie dat julle soos 'n groot jetty hier in die Karoo is en dat 'n mens hier kan kom vasmeer en krag en rus en vrede kry. Martie November 23, 2017

A wonderful place

Dear Karel and Heleen

We really loved staying at your farm. It was exactly what we needed! Time to relax, some peace and quiet, a great environment. What a wonderful place you have created! Thanks for your warmly welcome, the lovely freshly baked bread and the pecan nuts we'll take back home to share with our family in Holland We'll never forget Aswater,you and of course the dogs

Best regards, Sjef and Lianne

Dear Karel and Heleen

Words fall short to describe your wonderful, happy home. What an inspiration Thank you so much for taking us in at such short notice. We feel totally spoilt. It is both an honour and a priviledge to have been able to spend some time with you even though it was too short. Your kindness and generosity is inspiring

So much love, JP, Gina and Rae

Refreshed and blessed

Dear Karel and Heleen

Thank you so much for the lovely, fulfilling time at Aswater We have been refreshed and blessed

Much love, Kevin, Christine, Evangeline, Ethan and Hudson

Verkwikkende naweek

Baie, baie dankie vir 'n verkwikkende naweek

Hein, Anni en Andrew Landkunstenaars Julie 2016

Memories and inspiration

Thank you for making us so welcome and for giving of your time to share with us your beautiful home. I will go home with so many memories and inspiration to share with my fellow quilters

Christine Vlietstra Australia


Thank you very much for making us so welcome and showing us the tranquility that so much enhances your lives. Our visit has been a real rest for us Martin

Humble abode

Thanks for your kindness and the great reception I will never forget my stay in your humble abode God richly bless you

Patrick Lontobaart Stories of Rain Land artist Uganda

Thank you

Thank you for your love and care Svetlanci, Russia I had a dream. It started 22.10.2011. today, six years and one day ago. Without the kindness of Aswater and the people who make it real, I would never have been able to realize that dream. From a place inside my body I believe to be my soul, thank you Karel and Heleen Your kindness is light Your kindness is remarkable Anthony Stone , Director of Fracked, a short film to save the Karoo 23.10.2017

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