Courses and workshops


The following workshops are planned DV for March to July 2021


You are invited to attend retreats or explore the multi-faceted world of lettering, calligraphy, painting or drawing in a workshop while at the same time taking a deep breath of Karoo air under star studded

 skies at night and art walks next to a stream in an old poplar wood during breaks


The courses are on average two days long.


The special student accommodation packages are for a 3 night stay. The following workshops

are scheduled for DV March to July and the accommodation options appear below


To book for any of the  courses ,kindly e-mail or sms 0833255757 

I will then forward you the banking details A 50% deposit serves as registration

WORKSHOPS DV  March - July 2021

Creative retreat                                                                      21 & 22 March

A Record and a Song:                                  

Water Colour (Willie Schlechter)                                          24 - 26 April 

Brush lettering                                                                       26 - 28 April

Botanical Drawing with Coloured Pencils

Sally Arnold                                                                           8 & 9 May

Prince Albert Open Studio workshop:

Drawing and 'writing' music                                                  16 June

Prince Albert Open Studios                                                   17 - 20 June




Creative retreat

Heleen de Haas

DV 21 & 22 March

Sometimes life happens so fast that we struggle hearing God...

In this 2 day creative retreat we will become still, ‘listen’ with our eyes, take photos of the beauty God has blessed us with,

translate them into graphic images, introduce colour, learn to translate the invisible into visible images,

and record our responses to Holy Spirit's revelations This workshop is not only for artists-it is

 for anyone who would love to draw nearer to God.  It will be a time of enjoying God’s rest in a non-threatening,

 creative way- to visually respond to His character as reflected in the various art installations


Cost: (excludes accommodation)

R1500 (Course, teas and light lunch fee)

Venue: 'Manna', die Letterhuis' new studio, Aswater farm, Prince Albert

Times: Arrive any time after lunch on Saturday, depart Tuesday



A Record and a Song :

Water colour (24-25 April) & brush lettering (26-27 April) workshop

Can be done separately or as one workshop

Willie Schlechter & Heleen de Haas


A Record: Watercolour workshop (Willie Schlechter)

24 & 25 April

Even though the watercolour workshop is a follow-up from the previous workshop held in October, new comers

will be welcome. No previous experience in botanical painting is necessary. Participants will be

guided through various stages of drawing and water colour painting in order to achieve a fairly

accurate drawing of a plant/fruit


Cost: Two day water colour painting workshop

R1660 and includes materials and a light lunch but

excludes accommodation and brush (No 4 pointed brush) 


Those attending the brush workshop will integrate words with their painting by responding

 to their painting (or a copy there of) with their dancing brush

Pointed brush lettering

Heleen de Haas

26 & 27 April

The brush workshop is for all who enjoy the spontaneous. It is aimed at people who have never used a pointed brush before Artists who would like to incorporate text with their paintings will find this workshop especially useful. By the end of the workshop you would have

acquired the makings of an alphabet designed by yourself and learnt how to integrate words with images  

Cost: R1630 and includes a light lunch & a brush pen but excludes paper and accommodation


Venue: 'Manna', die Letterhuis' new studio, Aswater farm, Prince Albert


Watercolour 09h30 Sat 24/4 - 16h00 Sun 25/4 

Pointed Brush lettering 09h30 Mon 26/4-16h00 Tuesday 27/4 


Botanical Drawing with Coloured Pencils (Sally Arnold)
DV 8 & 9 May
The course is suitable for beginners but will also accommodate more experienced participants. 
I’ll be showing you how to observe a flower, fruit or vegetable of your choice and optimally set

it down on paper for further coloured pencil work.    
My intention is to make the workshop a fun and interesting experience, while demonstrating

technical tricks and tips towards giving your drawing a wow factor.    

R1900 tuition fee for the two day workshop

A material list will be sent to participants

Min 6 participants to commence

To book course, kindly contact Sally or on 0827105909

To book accommodation please contact Heleen or on 0833255757
Venue: 'Manna', die Letterhuis' new studio, Aswater farm, Prince Albert

Times: 09:00-13;00 & 14:00-17:30



Prince Albert Open Studios

Thursday 17- Sunday 20 June 2021


Prince Albert Open Studio’s workshop

Making the invisible visible: Drawing and ‘writing’ music

Wednesday 16 June 13h30-16h30


(Accommodation available on farm)



DV 12 & 13 July


Using original documents that were handwritten at least two centuries ago as inspiration, we will create our own handwritten documentation of a variety of experiences and perceptions

This workshop should appeal to all who wish to develop a calligraphic handwriting or would like to experiment with the rhythm of writing


Cost: (excludes accommodation)

R1500 (Course, teas and light lunch fee)

Venue: 'Manna', die Letterhuis' new studio, Aswater farm, Prince Albert

Times: 09:00-16:00

For students staying on the farm: Arrive any time after lunch on Sunday

(and enjoy the art walks and all the farm has to offer), depart Wednesday




Student Accommodation Rates (excluding course fee)

Students are welcome to stay on the farm or make use of other stays in the area

(Students are welcome to bring their spouses to stay if the number of student bookings allow)

To book accommodation please contact Heleen or on 0833255757


2x Self-catering accommodation options (Provide own breakfasts and suppers and share a kitchen and bathroom):

A     R300 per person per night sharing

B     R600 per person per night not sharing 


4x Catered accommodation options

(Self-help light breakfast x3, supper x3 & 3 night stay)

C     Sharing and en-suite bathroom (In newly built Punta, a Capo or farmhouse’s guest room) R1 800

D     Not sharing and en-suite bathroom R2 400 (In newly built Punta, a Capo or farmhouse’s guest room)  

E     Not sharing room, but shared bathroom R1 800 (‘Dam’ or ‘Stoepkamer’ in farm house)

F     Sharing room and bathroom R1500 (Dam or ’Stoepkamer’ in farm house)

Resident Calligrapher and Letter Artist

Heleen de Haas

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Heleen  is a South African calligrapher , letter- and conceptual artist and teacher 

Her work has been published internationally and has been exhibited both internationally and nationally.  

Apart from being passionate about teaching (traditional, contemporary and experimental styles of calligraphy), lettering design and collaborating with other artists, she loves taking calligraphy off  book pages and out of frames into everyday life

Her special field of interest is making the invisible visible: using lines to convey meaning, creating work with soul and presenting retreat-like workshops to awaken creativity 

Visitors to the area are most welcome to come and stay in the various self catering or camping accommodation options or visit the studio, view the original calligraphic art by international calligraphers, have a look at Die Letterhuis (which is an installation in its own right), do the prayer walk and the Word labyrinth,  walk the hand carved stone route or view the land art installations along the river in the Poplar wood. On the farm is also the tiniest of tiny galleries with ceramic and calligraphic work on display as well as a uniquely designed Word Labyrinth

Follow Heleen on instagram : heleen_de_haas

Below: Freestyle embroidery by Elske Maxwell