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 Die Letterhuis on 
Aswater farm

Die Letterhuis is one of several guest houses on Aswater which is both a working farm and  a place of retreat.

The house was built in 1908 and is also a beautiful calligraphic gallery hosting original work by international and national letter artists  (as well as a small but interesting library of calligraphic books).  


Die Letterhuis  is surrounded by art walks and at night it is enveloped by the Karoo's spectacular starry skies.  

For the more adventurous, we offer catch and release fishing, bird watching, easy hiking and swimming in the farm dam.


‘n Huis vol letters, ‘n omgewing gesaai met letterkuns uitgekap in klip, gebedsroetes en landkuns installasies, kort staproetes, 'n menigte voëlspesies, 'n dam om in te swem en vis te vang en 'n pragtige kampterrein. Kom kyk!



Die Letterhuis 

Die Ou Waenhuis




A Capo



Boutique camping




Studio & Workshops

Courses DV

Calligraphy & Journal making for beginners:

12 and 13 January 2024

12  and 13  June 2024

Other courses will be advertised soon

Things to do


Open air gallery: Hand carved Stones

Prayer Routes in Poplar Wood

Land Art Installations along the river

Word Labyrinth

Pop up coffee shop & tea room on open days

'n kunservaring...'n plek om stil te word

a karoo retreat and an art experience

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